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Man appealing for US$2000 for spinal cord operation 

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Man appealing for US$2000 for spinal cord operation 


Prisca Kondongwe


MASVINGO – wheelchair bound Masvingo man is appealing for US$2 000 to undergo an operation to replace a loosened screw that held his spinal code in place.  

Nomore Jukwa (36) of Mucheke A had a successful spinal cord operation in 2022 after he was injured when a gold mine shaft collapsed on him in Kwekwe in August 2022.

Pedicle screws were placed on his spinal cord as part of a surgery to connect the spinal code. Pedicle screws provide a means of gripping spinal cord segments and act as firm anchor points that can then connect with a stabilizing rod. 

The screw loosened and fell sometime in 2023 and the wound is now oozing pus and blood. Jukwa is in constant pain. 

His wife Nyaradzo Muchokoto (29) told The Mirror that the corrective surgery requires US$2 000. She said that she is not employed and survives on piece jobs. 

“We have three children in school and I am the bread winner since his accident. I am struggling to raise the money and meeting other financial obligations as school fees.

“We are appealing to well-wishers for assistance so that my husband can be operated. He is in a lot of pain and the wound is growing,” she said. 

She added that they noticed that a screw had fallen off when Jukwa began complaining of continuous backaches. 

“We noticed that a deep wound was left on his back and his health condition is deteriorating because of that ulcer. The wound is producing a yellowish pus with blood every day and my husband is in pain.

“The operation will be done at Harare Hospital. We have three school-going boys and I am struggling to foot the bills,” she added.  

Those who want to help Jukwa can contact his wife Nyaradzo Muchokoto on 0778746672 or The Mirror Helpline on 0716895703 /0775691380.

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