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Mambo Guramatunhu to launch new album

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Mambo Guramatunhu to launch new album


Roseline Mutare

MASVINGO- Ngonidzashe ‘Mambo Guramatunhu’ Paradza is launching his second 10-track poetry album titled Zvombo at Jason Mpepo Little Theatre in Harare on November 11, 2023.
Guramatunhu who hails from Masvingo confirmed the development in an interview with The Mirror.
He said the launch coincides with his thirtieth birthday. The date also marks 13 years since he began performing.
“Zvombo is a stepping stone to higher levels. All along I have been doing poetry for now. The album is my graduation to serious business,” he said.
Zvombo was produced by Masvingo-based producers Lidmas and Romeo.
In his upcoming album he is assuming that mhiri kwatakaenda track and lendas wangu are going to trend.
These two tracks, Guramatunhu told the Mirror that they deliver a messages on the importance of unity and living in harmony and also warn people against political violence.
“I am very passionate about arts and I am sure that through poetry I would change the world around me,” he said.
His first album titled Nduri Upenyu was released in 2019 and the trending track poets were ingamira sei and tongombeya.
Guramatunhu started to do his poetry in 2010 when he was still in high school.
Another track which made him famous is Mainyomberei Masvingo, several words are interestingly pronounced in Chikaranga, shona dialect, spoken in Masvingo.
In the arts industry Guramatunhu made strides by publishing Kumberi Takamirigwa which he featured the famous Chitubu chenhetembo in October 2021.

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