Mambo Guramatunhu readies poetry book


MASVINGO –Renowned Masvingo award winning poet, Ngonidzashe Paradza (26) popularly known as Mambo Guramatunhu is set to release a poetry book titled Kumberi Takamirigwa.

Paradza told The Mirror that the book to be released in November has 60 poems, 15 in English and 45 in shona.

The prolific poet also said the title Kumberi Takamirigwa is meant to inspire youths on a better tomorrow if they are willing to put in the work.

 “I will be releasing my first poetry book in November. Most of the poems are in shona as a means of promoting our own language.

“The title is meant to give hope to everyone who is working hard towards achieving a dream. We should not give up and pursue our dreams,” said Paradza.

The book with poems as Muyenzi akachenjera, Pandicharoora, Dai yaitongwa nezvidhakwa, Ingamira sei, Last chat, When I grow up and Matrimonial Bed is being published by Orkscript.

Paradza said the project intends to heal society, shunning moral decadence and provide entertainment to society.

We are still working on a specific date for the launch but rest assured, the book is being launched in November and we are inviting everyone who takes a liking in poetry to the launch. The date will be announced on my social media pages,” added Paradza. Paradza last year successfully launched his debut poetry album titled Nduri Upenyu/ Poetry is Life at the Charles Austin Theatre. The album was revered by other poets as Abel Mauchi and TSCZ spokesperson Tatenda Chinoda aka dhege.

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