Male, female patients share ward at a Chipinge Hospital


CHECHECHE – Chipinge South MP, Enock Porusingazi has expressed disgust at the situation at St Peter’s Hospital at Checheche Growth Point where male and female patients are sharing a single ward.
There is no male ward at St Peter’s and nurses have to assess the level of illness of male patients and admit them in the female ward on condition that they are ‘very ill’.
Porusingazi deplored the arrangement and said it was against the Zimbabwean culture to have women and men sleeping in the same ward.
He donated $100 000 from his Constituency Development Fund (CDF) towards the construction of a 65-bed ward and said that the building is already at slab level. Completion of the construction work is expected by June this year.
“We have purchased all the required building material and paid the contractor which means we are now going to be worried by inflation on this project.
“In our culture it is hard to imagine male and female patients sharing the same ward. This ward will accommodate 65 patients and it will consist of its own toilets, beds and air conditioners,” said Porusingazi.
He acknowledged volunteers who are supporting the project with bricks and river sand.

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