Madzimai causes havoc

It is my desire that one day there will be a national day to celebrate my life as Hoth. Hoth matters especially when fellow countrymen are dying because of this virus called Covid-19 and there is one man who call it Chinese Virus and you know him. How are you my people, as usual Hoth is always fine and travelling even without an exemption letter?

This past week I was in this district yepakati yes paMiddle Province pane goridhe apo vanopaziva vanopati paBheringwe. I was treated well and I realized kuti haaaa Hoth munomudako sure ndodzoka.
This lady yes, a prophet vazhinji vanoti Madzimai but from Mvuma where you came from they are now surprised to
know that you are a prophet.

It all started in Yoko mmmm munhu waMwari where did you get the powers sekuru Ndunge zvavakafa. They call you Mai Bird yes maybe igondo, hurekure or whatever but you have since dumped your matrimonial duties imi makavinga iye Bird uyu from Mvuma and you are now taking more of your time muri pasowe. What are you teaching those whom you are giving spiritual guidance while you are no longer cooking or washing for Antonia Bird?
Denying him his conjugal rights mmmmm this is now too much.

Hoth is always concerned with what is happening between couples and is always intervening to stop the rot which is
now causing separation. Bird is keeping the kids which you brought into the home but you are now teaching your kids not to respect him. Ityai Mwari Madzimai.

Hoo ndimi futi vaChihera vamwe vanoti vaMapofu or Mpofu ndiwo amwe mazita enyu. In Shayamabvudzi village people are being made to fight each other after visiting Madzimai vaMapofu.
Red cloth is seri- ous kk- kkk let me reduce speed.

This is fake prophecy according to my judgment please Madzimai madii mambozvisiya. Idzo simbi dzenyu dzebasa makudzi abuser, yes that is abuse. Giving people bad narratives. This Nyanga guy who is a leader in your church
is having a good time bedding women and I remember this other day he forwarded nude pictures in a family whatsapp group gegegege munonyadzisa pasowe apo.

This one is a member of the neighbourhood committee, Madzimai ndivo vanongokupedzerai what about Siphiwe
Lionnes where is she now heard that she is back. Noone is will to talk since Madzimai said no-one is clean in-terms of lula lula. These are the people who are killed in Arab ncountries ndakazviona pandakamboenda kuSyria.

People are no longer sleeping in their homes but ipo paMasowe daily and very soon you will lose your brains due to various colours yemicheka. Hanzi uyu Murefu he is known by the name Justin left the church recently after irreconcilable differences yes izita rechurch Chomukaya ZAFM in Zimbabwe. Iye Murefu left the church after
realizing that he cannot work with Madzimai who is dishing her sacred part with worshippers but it is only a day when everything will come out.

Muchabozhewa pasowe ipapo makaita wake wake kwanunokedza. Uyuvo Maketo the son of a Bishop vanoziva kuti Moab is known for using Bluetooth sekuru vangu vaiti mubobobo manje sooo ndizvo zvakarambwa naana Chitova vepaGutu havadaro vanotora direct. This place called Yorko is experiencing funny things these days because of Madzimai.

This is common even in my neighbourhood and you know all the places of Masvingo yaaa ndimo muHood mangu. From Rhodene, Rujeko, Mucheke, West, Majange kana ipo paSisk apo.

Anyway how is the lockdown? Hoth wishes you a safe stay, please put on your masks and main-tain that recommended social distancing ini mazuvano ndirikutoita 4 metres away from them. Yes kuenda kure chaiko.
Rino igore regonzo.

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