Warambwa- Madzibaba Dhika vanodzosa vadiwa newanano dzaputsika


HARARE – Keeping marriages going, reviving those that are broken or turning love affairs into marriages are problems faced by many couples.

This is an area that has made Madzibaba Simbarashe Munyokovere (37) of Harare very popular in his church of more than 10 000 members.

Munyokovere who is also popularly known as Madzibaba Dhika prays particularly for women who find themselves on the rocks with their relationships. He doesn’t demand payment for his services but can get gifts or tokens when the work is done.

Madzibaba Munyokovere is the lead prophet in the Kutenda KwavaPositori Church established in 1991 and he can also do prayers over the phone for those who are abroad. Kutenda KwavaPositori is based in Harare with branches in Buhera, Zhombe, Nyazvidzi and Kwekwe.

“Chimwe chipo chikuru chandinacho ndechekugadzirisa vanhu vanenge varambana, michato inenge yaputsika nevasikana vanotambura nevakomana kana varume vasingadi kuroora. Nezita rowe Denga hazvirambi zvinonaka chete. (One of the gifts that I thank God for is the power to mend broken marriages and to pray for relationships so that they turn into marriages. Broken marriages are caused by evil spirits. With strong prayers from anointed prophets like myself nothing is impossible, good results always come),” said munyokovere.

Munyokovere said it is his calling and passion to mend marriages and build new marriages because “marriages are institutions of God. We must devote out time to building and praying for marriages,” he said.

The other services offered by Munyokovere include praying and assisting those looking for jobs, those with difficulties to conceive and seeking to make vows (mhiko).

While he is found at an open space near Glen Norah park, he normally travels throughout the country visiting his patients and church members.

Madzibaba Munyokovere started praying and giving prophecies in the church found by his brother when he was just 12 years old.

He also helps people those who have sexual problems.

The popular cleric was born in Nyazvidzi in Gutu.

“Serving God for 21 years is a blessing for me. The church has grown in bounds and leaps with over 10 000 congregants nationwide with branches in Buhera, Zhombe, Nyazvidzi, Kwekwe and Harare where services are held at an open space near Glen Norah park.

“I now assist those with bodily ailments particularly those with polio and sexual problems. Those seeking spiritual guidance from anywhere in the world should not hesitate to call or come to me for assistance,” said Madzibaba Dhika.

He can be contacted on 0773 632 984/ 0718 511 112 or 0776 760 081.

“I do not charge my services because this is the Lord’s work; I receive tokens of appreciation from those who are pleased with my services,” said Madzibaba Dhika. https://masvingomirror.com

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