Madzibaba bashed for snatching neighbour’s wife

Gloria, Jimanda, Rivaldo, Messi, José María Gutiérrez Hernández hareruya!!!! Imi mai ChiHe-Goat mweya wati kuti munyama uri pamuri upere munofana kuita mwana neni? I can just imagine Madzibaba Rightwell vari pasowe rekuTrango uko.

HOTH was recently furnished with some details about a worker at the Sugar company hospital who was having horizontal exercise with someone’s wife in the Sugar Cane Wellness Centre kkkkkk. 

Asi munzimbe makazonyanyawo Madzibaba Rightwell or should we call you Sekuru Banda. One thing you should also know is that you can try hard to conceal cheating, but it always end the same way. Obviously regrets after that extra-marital affair is busted. What puzzled HOTH is that you had the tenacity to sire kids with someone’s wife asi unezvivindi wena. 

You know what you did was was total disrespect of another man. Do you also know that you have made him a third class citizen in his own house? The thought that all the six children he was claiming to be his might not be his is a torture. He will be treated like a slave by his wife  her child or children. 

Idzo Nzimbe idzi, nzimbe idzi vakomana ka. Gore riya makambotsvira vana vechikoro vachiita izvozvi zvelul… So Sekuru Banda you have decided to turn the sugar cane field into a bedroom. Kuda kutapirirwa nesugar yacho muri pasource. Muchadawo zvinhu imi muri paMeke apo. 

So I am told Madzibaba Rightwell or Sekuru Banda whichever name you choose vanodavira ese ndeavo, fell in love with another sugar company employee’s wife. I heard he even have children with her. Yes, children!!! Don’t be surprised I am talking of children. To worsen the matter the woman is even pregnant right now.

Haaa nyika ino zvakangooma hazvo. Hanzi Sekuru Banda had the audacity to tell his wife that he had impregnated someone’s wife. He even send her to buy future baby clothes for the unborn child. Asi vanhukadzi kana yavanguva yekudzidza ita zvechikoro. 

Like seriously ungatumwa kunotengera umwe mukadzi future because urikunzi akaenda kumaintenance munofa nenzara. Did it even cross your mind kuti anoenda sei kumaintenance iye ari mukadzi wemunhu? 

I never knew some women are so dump. How do you feel knowing very well that you are buying baby clothes for another woman who has been cheating with your husband. Asi vakomana vamwe varume vakazviwanira havo. Kuwana hako toy yako. But like I always say Karma knows everyone’s address even if you are homeless. One day Karma will pay you a visit.

I heard Sekuru Banda went to his usual rendezvous with mai ChiHe-Goat or Chinhongo whatever the case, yes in the sugarcane field and the hubby and his young brother followed closely. After the two cheating love-birds had undressed for the act they pounced at them and beat the day lights out of Madzibaba Rightwell.

Beating is an understatement you should have seen him to understand what the hubby did to him. Ukamuona unofunga akatsikwa netrain iya yenzimbe chaiyo. Asi musazodaro vakomana. It seems the had broken every bone on his body. Kuiswa plaster muviri wese. That is why the charge was changed from assault to attempted murder. The people are blaming the hubby who assaulted him but unfortunately some people will never ask for your side of the story because the side that they heard fits the description of how they want to feel about you.

ChiHe-Goat don’t apologise to anyone. Inzwaka shamwari wakamboti sorry when you’re not even supposed to just to end an argument end and then later regret even apologizing waona kuti apa I wasted my sorry. Ndizvo zvaunozoita.  And even worse, you start looking guilty just because you apologized thinking you will get peace.

No ways man never think of doing that. You don’t owe anyone an apology. That man had reduced your manhood, your condition of being a human being, the qualities associated with men, your manliness, your condition of being an adult male as distinguished from a child by siring and impregnating your wife.   

I heard the woman has already run away from home. Now this is my advice for you my brother after a breakup, “just move on”. It doesn’t mean moving into another relationship…Nah. Learn to be with yourself, build life around your purpose, do some self introspection and  evaluation, discover your passion, make money, travel, buy clothes, eat, exercise, read, watch movies. That’s moving on! Until next week ADIOS.

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