Madhuku to represent 50 evicted Chipinge families

Ellen Mlambo

Chipinge – Prominent lawyer and politician, Professor Lovemore Madhuku has offered to represent 50 Chipinge families who are living in the open after they were evicted from Daff Jourbert’s Anex Farm in Ward 11.

The 362 people including children and babies have endured heavy rains and chilly Chipinge weather since their homes were burnt down by Police three weeks ago. Their situation has attracted condemnation from across political parties.

There was a sigh of relief yesterday among the desperate families when they heard that Professor Madhuku may soon take their case to court.

Professor Madhuku confirmed about the development in a telephone interview with Chipinge Times. “Yes we are going to take up the matter, we are going to be challenging the various orders they are relying on to evict them. We are currently trying to get a court order to get them back to their land. We have written to the court to get a whole file of the court record because my clients have no documents. I think we will be filing by Friday,” said Madhuku

Chipinge Times has a copy of a letter written to Chipinge Clerk of Court by Professor Madhuku requesting access to court records on the matter.

“I have been instructed to represent the respondents in the above matter.

“My clients have been evicted from their homes as a result of an order granted in the aforesaid matter. Being evicted from one’s home raises serious constitutional issues. My instructions are to study the circumstances surrounding the eviction and the order that led to it and thereafter take appropriate legal steps to protect my clients’ interests. My clients have no meaningful record of the proceedings,” says Madhuku in his letter.

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