Mabamba has died in prison but this is what I know

By Dumisani Kufaruwenga

First and foremost, l am a villager, and in the village, we sympathise and commiserate with the family of the person who has died. All the dead man’s misdeeds are forgotten and never mentioned while we concentrate on comforting and assisting the deceased’s family to bury their loved one.

For it is Ubuntu that a dead man’s sins must be forgot, only his good deeds must come to the fore.

But l know that Fredrick Mabamba was a member of a Zanu PF cartel which was responsible for looting local authorities and impoverishing the urban population for personal gain.

I also know that urban areas flow with raw effluent and the roads in urban areas are no longer navigable because people like Fredrick raided local authorities’ land and parcelled it out for personal gain.

Clinics in urban areas have no workers, they have no medicine, and the urban poor have no access to healthcare. I know why. People like Fredrick Mabamba and his political party called Zanu PF have deliberately disempowered urban councils so that the opposition called MDC looks bad in the eyes of its urban supporters.

Urban families have no water. Urban families have no electricity, and Mabamba during his lifetime deliberately pushed the strategy of Zanu PF to disillusion the urban voter, and Mabamba benefitted from their misery.

I am a villager, and l cannot rejoice in the misery wrought by death to the family of he who has departed.

To his family, friends and Zanu PF, l’m sorry Mabamba has died.

But l know what I know.

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