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Love gone sour between gold dealer and cop

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Love gone sour between gold dealer and cop


Hello everybody. Welcome to this week’s segment. HOTH is keeping fine as usual. He is always holed and hibernating at his Gumtree village fantasising; because that is a necessary ingredient of life. HOTH likes it because it is an easy way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.
I am not so sure how you spend your time, but one thing I know is it involves money, sex, alcohol and with a bit of luck or bad luck-scandal! When you bump into a name almost similar to yours on this column then you should be pretty sure you got yourself into a scandal. Yes, it’s because we write about scandals every week that’s our position. In case you don’t know newspapers typically have a “position” –even if it is not formally expressed.
Speaking of scandals reminds of the newly appointed cop at one of our popular or the notorious police Chakati station. Aah hezvo-oo hanzi ndiMajor. Vanhu vanovhunduka ka but as HOTH I must be able to write about whatever I wish without fear or favour.

So if he is male; he is a Major right? What if she is female? Is it a Majoress?? Kkkkkk Seka hako HOTH. What I know is all the Sekurokiratsi, vana muzvina bhizimusi, and politizhenzi have power, but HOTH has imagination. So I don’t particularly care nor do I obsess over being an umpire in other people’s love life because it’s none of my business what happens in the bedrooms of other people.
HOTH is told there is this Clever guy who is into gold dealing who fell in love with this cop. Yes, as HOTH I have a lot sources in and around our ancient town. I heard ndivo Major. Ava vaimbova muchuchusi iko kuya kwekumbobikwa mahwe nechembere dzikamwa muto uko. Nemavende iwayo dei akadyika saka dzaisvisvina zve. So what the difference? I don’t know why the folk tale of those grannies were popularised.

Well, their inclusion in the story is insignificant; so let me continue with my anecdote. One thing I know is that some relationships can be a great rollercoaster that can offer you a doozy of a ride. I am told that the Clever guy wanted a car so he gave money to ivo Major Mujaka or Chijaka, so that she can import one for him. She used her civil service facility which allows her to import a car without paying duty.

I am sure most of you know Major Mujaka. Ava vekumboenda kuMashoko ava. Vakazobvako voenda ipo paZaka rinopisa apo before she was promoted to Chakati police station in Masvingo. I heard she managed to import the car and the Clever guy was the one driving around and kept the car although it was registered in her.
Everything went well until the Clever guy bumped into the princess. Oh yes, I mean Princess Diana imo medu mamucheke umo and that was the beginning of the bumpy road in the relationship between the Clever Guy and Major Mujaka or Chijaka.

So the not so Clever guy hatched a plan and sold the car without the knowledge of the Major before reporting it as stolen. It’s more than five months now and the vehicle is still missing. Someone confided with HOTH that the car was sold to a gold miner in Ngundu. Investigating officers are being accused of trying to cover up because they have already located the vehicle but are not taking any action.
But Mr Clever guy muri Kamburumbunde chaiko. Munongogwara pasina. What if the officers manage to dig out that you actually sold the car and that it was never stolen as you reported? Won’t that be regarded as supplying false information to the police? I am sure that crime has a charge. Common sense is more like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it.

HOTH was told about the lawyer you want to hire so that he can engage in Stalingrad tactics to protect you from accountability if ever you get arrested. Well, we know those are just symptoms of a much larger integrity crisis within the legal profession, but I am not dwelling on that today.
The phrase ‘Stalingrad tactics’ is often used to describe those charged in criminal or civil cases who use methods such as appealing every possible ruling that is unfavourable to the defendant in order to delay or stave off legal proceedings.
Aaah zvinhu zvacho here ma1 oga oga. On the other hand Major Mujaka or Chijaka and the princess are locked in a nasty fight to the extent that Diana reported our Major to her superiors that is in love a drug dealer. Now the cop is said to be in serious trouble. I am yet to get how it ended. I will keep you updated.

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