Long distance busses fined RTGS$2 000 for violating intercity ban


CHIPINGE – Three long distance busses traveling from Mutare to Beitbridge have been fined RTGS$2 000 each for violating Covid19 intercity travel.
Passengers on those busses were fined RTGS$200 for violating the same ban.
Chipinge Officer Commanding (Dispol) Kennedy Nyaumwe confirmed the story to Chipinge Time. He said that the busses that were impounded on Monday morning are Silver King, Graca and Smart Express.
Silver King and Graca were arrested at Nyanyadzi but they had no passengers and it is suspected that they dropped off the passengers just before the roadblock with the plan that they would walk past through the bushes to avoid Police.
Smart Express which was heading towards Masvingo was arrested at Birchenough Bridge.
“We discourage members of the public from making unnecessary movements and to follow guidelines set by WHO and health officials. The roadblocks will be there 24/7 and we hope our counterparts in various districts are doing the same,” said Nyaumwe.

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