Local Gov Board approves Chipinge Town Secretary’s dismissal



CHIPINGE – The application to dismiss Chipinge Town Council secreatry, Susan Dube on grounds of corruption made last year has been granted after the Local Government Board endorsed the action last week.

A decision to fire Dube was made in December 2021 following a sitting by a three member tribunal comprising of Abraham Kudzanai Maguchu, Langton Mhungu and Tariro Tazvitya. The Tribunal found Dube guilty of gross incompetency in discharging her duties resulting in the dismissal.

She also appeared in court facing charges of abuse of office when she awarded a residential stand to a student under the staff quota and stealing PVC pipes from the local authority. She was acquitted by Magistrate Flanklin Mkwananzi on September 29, 2021. 

 A letter in the hands of Chipinge Times signed by Local Government Board chairman Steven Chakaipa dated September 10, 2022 confirms the dismissal.

Chipinge Town chairman Lovemore Mukwapati has also confirmed the development. He said that councillors have since made a resolution to adopt the dismissal.

“The Local Government Board met on September 10, 2022 and deliberated on the application to discharge the town secretary, Mrs. Susan Dube. She admitted that she installed pipes at her farm without a council resolution.

“Accordingly, the Board through Resolution Number LGBO15/2022 approves the dismissal of Mrs. Susan Dube,” reads part of the letter.

Dube took council pipes and installed them at her Kenilworth Farm without authority.

“As Chipinge Town Council, we have adopted the recommendation from the Board to dismiss Susan Dube with effect from September 10. We held a special council meeting yesterday. The main charge was gross negligence on her part when she admitted to taking council pipes and proceeded to install them at her plot without a council resolution,” said Mukwapati.

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