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Loan shark throws Beitbridge family into the street

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Loan shark throws Beitbridge family into the street


Rebecca Mazvidza

BEITBRIDGE- Well-wishers in Beitbridge have started a fund raising campaign to assist a family that has been kicked out of its house by a loan shark over a US$4 000 debt.
Collen Golden won a court case against Taurai Amani and kicked his family out of the house on Monday. The family is now destitute and sleeping outside the house. Their property has also been thrown out of the house.
Amani confirmed the matter to Two Nations and said Golden is sending goons that are staying in the house and intimidating them.
He also said that Golden has asked them to pay his US$4 000 so that he can give them their house back.
“We are staying in the streets. There are goons in the house every night to make sure that we don’t sneak in. We need all the help we can get,” he said.
Circumstances are that Amani fell victim to scammers in 2019 who told him that he had won a million pounds and ordered him to pay US$2 000 into a Western Union account to get the money.
Amani got a loan from Golden and used his house as collateral. He realised that he had been duped by the scammers after they ordered him to pay another US$2 000.
He filed a Police report but the scammers could not be tracked.
Golden dragged him to court this year and won the case. He was demanding US$4 000 including interest.
After winning the case on Monday, he changed ownership of the house and threw the family into the streets.

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