Living standards for Idai victims plunge


CHIMANIMANI –The living conditions for 214 Idai victims housed in tents in Chimanimani continue to drop as donor interest on the community appears to be waning with time.
And while hygiene is plummeting, the traumatised victims have a new fear; Corona virus may strike them in as a ruthless manner as Cycone Idai did because of their overcrowded environment.
The victims are staying in tents that now leak when it rains because of age and they live at four camps namely Garikai with 83 households, Nyamatanda with 30 households, Arboretum with 58 households and Kopa with 43 households.
Chimanimani District Development Coordinator Manyurapasi said the role of the Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) is to ensure funcutionality of water points as well as provision of sanitation at both community level and institutions.
However, several people who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Mirror that living conditions at the camps have gone down with an average of 20 people using one bathroom. The bathrooms which were initially built from plastic paper are now built with old sacks because the plastic papers were torn because they were old.
They complained against a shortage of cooking compartments as several households are sharing one each. They said that the number of donors visiting and supporting the camps has gone down over the last six months.
They also said that dirty water from the bathroom was flowing out across their yards thereby threatening disease outbreak. They claimed that the drainage holes in the bathrooms were not properly laid out.

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