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Let’s play real soccer in Chibhoraniland

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Let’s play real soccer in Chibhoraniland


With Sekuru Taurai

After waiting for a long time the football World Cup came and is now history. Sadly our own Chibhorani boys were not there in Qatar. However there is always a next time. What a wonderful dream that would be to have our own Warriors at the world showpiece. Never mind the results. Just being there would be good enough for starters, don’t forget the millions of US Dollars they would bring back home because every participating team is handsomely rewarded.

Thanks to technology people can watch live matches in the comfort of their homes while some prefer those places where they can also booze and do gochigochi at the tshisanyama. So consequently this becomes the time when some of my fellow male species are never found at home leaving under the pretext of going to watch World Cup soccer games. Good pretext also for some men of the main house to covertly visit the small house or do other nefarious activities they would want to hide from the better half. For some women this time provides a temporary relief from gender based violence perpetrated by heartless men who will be more concerned about watching World Cup matches. Talk of honesty and the love till death of the wedding day.

Things are made worse by ZESA blackouts as those men who would have been more at home flock to bars where they can watch football. Come to the living room and behold dad permanently holding on to the TV remote control. You see, there is nothing wrong with watching soccer on TV. After all the World Cup comes after a long four year wait. But denying your children time to watch cartoons is definitely not fair. Of course the Americans usually loving to be different from the rest of the world have their own game of football which is actually more of handball as the foot rarely kicks the ball and you will see a lot of them going for other highly popular games like basketball, wrestling and hockey on ice.

With the soccer World Cup over Chibhoraniland fans are now back in their almost empty and dilapidated stadiums watching boring games with most of them resorting to watching European games on TV. At this rate we can never follow in the footsteps of our African counterpart Morocco who made it to dizzying World Cup heights much as we may very much love the game of football. Meantime I will resort to playing the ball made from plastic bread bags with the village kids, somewhere near the chibhorani.

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