Let’s all fight drug abuse

By Peter Marimi

We have just celebrated our National Youth Day mobilising the nation to tackle the problem of drug abuse among young people which is turning into a pandemic in Chibhoraniland. A lot of mbanje is being grown even here in the rural areas, kuno kwedu kumachonyonyo. Chigwegwedu had this garden with tree branches around it so unusually high you just couldn’t see what was inside.

I became suspicious and this other day made a serious effort to peep in and see what he is growing inside this secretive garden. You see, observing I never saw him coming out of it with a bunch of green vegetables. On top of that he was now a regular patron at the local bottle store and seemed never to run out of cash although he had no regular source of income. What I saw in his garden really shocked me. Growing in there were well looked after mbanje plants at different levels of propagation. This to me explained the rising cases of drug abuse at our secondary school.

 Other unemployed village youths were also getting hooked. There were numerous cases of theft, violence and more girls and women were being raped. With illegal gold miners always milling around him I got to believe what I had previously heard that these young men do not go underground to dig for the precious metal before taking some mbanje in order to gain more strength and courage. Listening to the radio and chibhorani news at the water hole you could come to the conclusion that we are having was not just our own village problem but a national drug abuse disaster.

 Now national disasters need urgent individual, family, community and national efforts to overcome them. Call me a sellout but at my own individual level I felt I had to contribute to the fight against drug abuse and without any hesitation reported Chigwegwedu to the police. He was arrested, the mbanje plants were uprooted and we are not going to see him around for quite some time as he is now serving time in the cold room.

As the police took away the mbanje as an exhibit I hoped we were not going to have it clandestinely leaving the exhibit room to be sold to our young people. It is my hope too that at family, community and national levels we are all going to work hard in the fight against drug abuse. We cannot afford to entrust the future of the nation to people who are continuously intoxicated. Musazoti Sekuru Taurai havana kumbotitaurira.https://masvingomirror.com

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