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Large sums disappear after Boss Don Carlos’ death

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Large sums disappear after Boss Don Carlos’ death


Wero kamu! Wero Kamu, Wero What…? Wero Kamu! It has been a while since HOTH gave his latest gossip in town. He was lying low for some time now. Thank you for waiting patiently. Yours truly would like to assure you that such hiccups will be a thing of the past.
Anyway, I won’t waste your time with a lot of trivial apologies. Asi Chinamanenji munochiziva mese kuti hachifambisi chinomirira kuti mavara acho aonekwe. Hezvo mbimbo iya yekumakomba yakazoita mbinga payaita zvese zvayaita kwaiva kutoshura zvakawanda.
HOTH has it on good authority that Boss Don was with this petite Lil woman from Mberengwa C Mine. Oh sorry someone just hinted me that she is not that small both physically and mentally. Hanzi ndiwo anozviti magiant pamunyati ka iya.
I am told she was once in the dock a few years ago facing charges of attempted murder after achecheka mukadzi weumwe face who had impregnated her. Asi iwe Lil ka ita mushe iwe. You snatch someone’s husband.
Munodaya bota henyu kwamunenge muri uko, momitisana then you go and attack his wife as if ndiye wawaibvisirana hanzu naye. But Lil why are you always such a person? I am not a legal expert hangu but I smell a rat when a sentence for someone who is facing attempted murder charges is commuted to community service.
Aaah! Guys who does that? Chii ichocho chinenge ngozi nhaimi. I am sure the green backs exchanged hands since she always claim that ndiye aneyese paBelingwe apo. But as usual Karma knows everyone’s address, even the homeless. Gara wakaibata iyoyo.
So, I heard on the fateful day our Mbinga, yes, Boss Don was kumakomba as usual. Ko handiti ndiyo yaiva Mafia yacho here? I heard they shared over 35k apiece and over 400g of pure mukute that day. Hey! Ndiyo here mari yatinodemba isu vana HOTH iyi inotwa dambe nayo kudai.
Anyway that’s not the gist of the story. Boss Don’s death left so many questions than answers. Where are the Green backs amounting to over 35k? What about the gold? Everyone knows that our beloved Mbinga was reported to have collapsed in the house of one of his side chicks.
That was a bad day in office for most Gold Mafias, but I am told our Lil never made any contact with the mbinga’s relatives when he fell unconscious. Maybe she was still in shock. Ko ndiayani anga tadza kuita shock pakadaro nhai. The man got in the house around 4 am and around 6 am he collapsed.
Wait a minute Mbinga yaita zvekucollapsa here or what. Forgive HOTH for think the Mbinga must have been asleep by that time semunhu akanonoka kuuya kumba so. Saka mubvunzo Wangu saHOTH woti saka nyama nemweya went different ways mbinga yakarara here or yakamira? Kana yanga yakara; can we confidently say he collapsed? Ko kana yanga yakamira kkkkk yaida kuendepi iyo ichangosvika?
So, my Lil did you manage to attend the funeral? I heard the police officer from Masvingo… hanzi aniko zviya Andile, Sandile here? Hameno ikoko. Uyuzve wekadawo kuputsa musha wamai Kimberly. I heard people who attended the funeral will leave our esteemed Usain Bolt with green eyes because their short sprints were out of this world. Hanzi pakabuda mapanga nemahora chaiwo mumusha paita hondo yeBosinia or yekuUkraine chaiyo hanzi no one should give any speech and maisa munhu mucoffin tisina kuita body viewing. Munoita speech akafa muripo here? Umm that was below the belt. Asi hanzi munhu wese vakaita chikumbo ndibereke.
But like I said there are a lot of unanswered questions hanzi on the fateful day he was supposed to fly to Mozambique with his brother. I am told they were supposed to take 4kg with them. Eish! That was a lot of gold. So, where is the gold? I heard he had two guns but only one was recovered where is the other one?
To make matters worse his phone was flushed according to the word doing rounds in Belingwe. Some are saying our Mbinga was brought to the hospital changova chando. Again the hospital staff has to explain how on earth they allowed that body at the hospital without notifying the police. Ummm let me leave it here. I will be giving you the latest developments next week. Until then ADIOS!

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