Lanforce rolls out biogas program in rural communities


GWERU -Lanforce Energy has begun a program of turning human and animal waste into electricity for the rural communities by installing bio digesting plants at very low cost.
Lanforce chief executive officer, Judith Marera told The Mirror that they discovered that firewood is becoming very scarce in the rural areas due to deforestation and they decided to roll out a cheaper and ecofriendly way of generating energy using waste.
“Forests are fast running out due to deforestation and the rural communities do not have the traditional source of energy hence we decided to come in with this program which is very affordable.
“As Lanforce we are saying every waste product can be turned into electricity that is human waste, animal waste, sadza, vegetables can be turned into biogas that will electrify our homes,” said Marera.
Marera said in two weeks they would have completed the installation of the plant for use and one only pays a deposit and the rest will be paid over 18 months. Lanforce was incorporated in 2018 and has been installing biogas plants in Mhondoro, Masvingo, Harare, Midlands, Mutoko and Zaka.
“The system is a must have especially in the rural areas where there is no conventional power because it is affordable, environmentally friendly, very easy to use and can last for up to 30 years,” said Marera
Biogas can provide energy for cooking, lighting, refrigerators and televisions.

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