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Landlords milk Masvingo City Council


Landlords milk Masvingo City Council



MASVINGO – A number of council buildings are being rented out to residents by shady landlords who are pocketing the money, Masvingo Mayor, Collen Maboke has said.

Maboke told a full council meeting on January 31 2022, that the audit committee is sleeping on the job as it should have picked up this scandal a long time back.

The Mirror also attended the full council meeting. 

He said that the buildings that are being rented out with the money being diverted away from council coffers are at Mucheke bus terminus. It is thought that the scam has been running for 10 years.

The Mirror made a survey and realised that the said buildings are 10 tuck shops and tenants are respectively believed to be paying around RTGS$16 000 every month.

Maboke said council is going to hold a special meeting to fix the matter immediately.

He wondered how the leases for those tenants were signed as he and the town clerk are the only ones allowed by law to sign leases for council properties.

“I am shocked that our building which is besides Tsungai Complex is being used by the tenants for free. Who signed the lease agreements?” asked Maboke.https://masvingomirror.com


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