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Lager man dumps wife for a gay lover

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Lager man dumps wife for a gay lover


Welcome to another episode of our tell-tale instalment. First of all I would like to thank the Lord Almighty for making my Gumtree village warm these days. I nearly froze to death a fortnight ago. My man! It was freezing cold that I thought chando chacho changa chavakundikutsira. 

As you know no matter how cold it is HOTH will always go out to look for juicy stories in his hood and even beyond. I am good at that. No doubt about that. Well, don’t think I am just beating my own drum. Even if I doing that it’s okay because as the African proverb goes, “if a lizard falls from a tall iroko tree it will praise itself if no one did.” Those who had time to read Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall apart will remember that proverb. 

Anyway, when was the last time you heard about Tinashe Mugabe? Is he still around? I last heard about him a couple of months ago. Asi umwe noumwe akugara nereal child yake kanhi or women are now afraid to give men vana vasiri vavo. Zvakangoomawo hazvo. People no longer value that union called marriage. 

I think that phase of co-cohabiting with someone is now old-fashioned. In any case I think marriage is overrated, but as much as I hate that union I don’t think it will be proper for me to see another man as attractive. I am not attacking same sex relationships but I am just saying I don’t feel I fancy the idea of being in such an entanglement if ever there is something like that.

Don’t get me wrong guys. I know some of you will start throwing stones on me saying HOTH was saying gays this…lesbians that…trans that…No, no, no! What I am trying to say is that munhu ngaazive zvaanoda from the word go. Haungaiti kunzungu nekunyimo. Unoda kuita chiremwaremwa here? If you want a normal marriage then good for you, if you are gay, lesbian that good because we all know what you want.

HOTH has some reservations with that group they call trans. It seems it a group of confused people. They want to hang out with their lesbian and gay boyfriends or girlfriends, but they also want to be in what many call a normal marriage although HOTH does not see anything normal about the that relationship either.

Speaking of those who fall in the trans group, HOTH bumped into this story which is not so funny. I heard the guy is trans but got married and sired three children. I remember the late Robert Mugabe (May his soul rest in eternal peace) was not hiding his dislike of the group I have mentioned. He always said he doesn’t subscribe to Washington ways of thinking every time he talked about relationships of the same sex.

So this guy who stays somewhere in the leafy suburb of Masvingo is known for brewing the wise waters. I mean real beer such as a black label or pilsner that is brewed at cool temperatures by slow fermentation with a slow-acting yeast. Hanzi vanotoita zvekubika nekutengesa zvinodhaka. 

Anyway, that’s besides the case. The guy, HOTH is reliably informed that he moved out of the house so recently and is now staying with another guy who is into investigating just like yours truly HOTH. 

We are all human but when someone is coming off the rails because he did not tell his wife that he is interested in other men, then we begin to worry as a community. I heard so recently he was dragged to court by his wife for maintenance but in his defence he claimed that the children were not his. Asi chii nhai?

However, the magistrate ordered DNA tests and boom all the three children were confirmed to be his. Vakomana mumastreets umu munopisa munotoda kacooler bag or kafan chaiko. Let’s call the guy Mudimburi or just Mudimbu because he just broke his relationship with his wife and went straight out of the house to live with a friend or a boyfriend. Whatever the case.

Asi Mudimbu at times unorasika. If you wanted to be just a father why did you choose to marry? You could have sired as many kids as you wanted outside while having your relationship with your same sex partner.Well, let me leave it here. I will give real details a few days to come. Until then have a pleasant time. ADIOS. https://masvingomirror.com/

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