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Kwekwe couple to train PWDs in entrepreneurship

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Kwekwe couple to train PWDs in entrepreneurship



KWEKWE – Kwekwe couple and entrepreneurs, Lynell and Winfildah Dangarembizi are incorporating People with
Disabilities (PWDs) into their business network to improve their livelihoods through self sufficiency.
Winfildah told The Mirror on the side-line of the Midlands Business Indaba held at a Kwekwe Hotel last Saturday
that they have created the Red Diamond Network to incorporate PWDs into entrepreneurship.
“We have come up with a strategy for PWDs to venture into business under the Red Diamond Network which we
have designed. We will have a separate program such as today’s indaba and it will focus on the Red Diamond Network.
The program will unpack what the Red Diamond Network is all about,” said Dangarembizi. Arthur Marara who was a
guest speaker at the business indaba said Government needs to come with programs that equip PWDs to become entrepreneurs.
“I think now we need to be proactive in terms of coming up with programs where we basically have to equip them.
The default for many PWDs is resolving to beg and we need to break that cycle. I really think that the private sector and Government should come together to equip them,” he said.

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