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Kwekwe CBD buildings decommissioned

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Kwekwe CBD buildings decommissioned



GWERU – Midlands Minister of State Owen Ncube has ordered government departments in Kwekwe to vacate their buildings because gold panners are mining the ground below.
He said the buildings had been decommissioned, and department heads should get new premises before the rainy season begins.
Ncube was addressing the heads at a meeting held at his office on Wednesday.
“We received a report that the building had been decommissioned and we should vacate with immediate effect. Go and find an alternative accommodation before the onset of the rains,” he said.
Some of the affected departments are the District Development Coordinator (DDC), District Registrar, Civil Courts, District Development Fund (DDF), Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services and CMED.
Globe and Phoenix Primary School collapsed in March this year owing to gold panners mining under the school.
Kwekwe DDC Fortune Mupungu said the decommissioning decision was reached after a recent study by the Zimbabwe National Geo Special and Space Agency (ZINGSA) revealed that most building foundations have been eaten away.
“Our offices in Kwekwe are sitting on air. We should vacate the premises. However, the ZINGSA report was submitted to our superiors in Harare and we are expecting to receive a response any time. We have to find alternative accommodation for our officers since this is an emergency, “he said.

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