Kurauone acquitted as evidence by State witnesses differ

Godfrey Kurauone in court today


MASVINGO – MDC A youth leader and Masvingo Ward 4 councilor Godfrey Kurauone has been acquitted after the State failed to prove its case.

Kurauone was charged for blocking 500m of the Mashava-Chirumhanzu Road with stones.

Magistrate Patience Madondo acquitted him after noting several inconsistencies in the State’s two witnesses who are both police officers.

“The witnesses’ evidence is solely based on them seeing accused in Mashava. Accused was wanted in connection with the July 31 demonstrations and it could have affected their judgment.

“What complicates the case is that the State didn’t even make efforts to find accused at his homestead after supposedly seeing him in Mashava.

“The court is therefore not satisfied that the witnesses identified the accused. Accused is hereby acquitted” said Madondo.

The State’s two witnesses evidence was solely based on them seeing Kurauone at around 6am in winter when it is dark.

The witnesses evidence differed. Detective sergeant Archibald Muyambo told the court that they passed through three roadblocks while Carry-on Muguta a Masvingo CID Law and Order member told the court that they passed one roadblock.

Muyambo also told the court that he saw Kurauone and identified a purple pair of trousers and blue jacket he was wearing from at least 30 meters away.

Muguta said he saw the purple pair of trousers but could not make out the color of the blue jacket.
Kurauone has been in remand prison for 41 days. https://masvingomirror.com

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