Kicking a frog to greater heights

They say if you kick a frog in disgust and derision you are actually helping it to get to dizzy heights. This is what we witnessed recently. They kicked this lady by the name of Tinopona Katsande left and right in the social media just because they had seen her photo selling eggs. For them this was an obvious sign that she had fallen on hard times and was now reduced to a poor egg vendor after we had all seen her face on the small screen they call TV as a famous actor. You know, like a riches to rags story. Acting comes with fame and some people think that fame brings in plenty of cash. Of course it happens with some big actors who act in big movies and end up getting really big money, even going up to millions from a single film. Talk of the Harrison Fords, the Tom Cruises and the Denzel Washingtons. These guys leave the film set and walk smiling all the way to the bank to deposit multi-million Dollar cheques. Not so with our own local actors who act in small local films and dramas. Well, we actually do have our own Tongayi Chirisa whom you have seen in the Robinson Crusoe film after breaking into the big international movie industry.
However, for some of us Zimbabweans to trash and deride another Zimbabwean like we did to Tino is untraditional as it was a case of losing our hunhu/ubuntu. Would they really want to be treated in the same way, because tomorrow it might be them going through a rough patch. It is our African custom to help and support those in need. Here we are having Zimbabweans enjoying another Zimbabwean’s misfortunes. These are people who can even pull you down when you are trying your best to climb the ladder. Fortunately as we say in Shona a misfortune can bring fortune, because of the negative publicity that she got Tino is now being inundated by orders for eggs from sympathisers and her business is now booming. Kicked she was by negative people, but kicked to greater heights where she is enjoying the beautiful view of wealth. In the process her character also grew in strength and she came out of the whole experience a stronger character more determined to soldier on in spite of challenges. By saying, “Tino famba,” she urges herself to keep on moving, while in ‘’Tinofamba,” she encourages everyone else to move together towards development. United we will climb to prosperity together, divided we will always pull each other down and consequently we will never develop and prosper.

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