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‘Kick out corrupt opposition from urban councils’

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‘Kick out corrupt opposition from urban councils’


The New Dispensation took over the rehabilitation of roads in all urban councils after realising that the opposition that was in charge had abandoned the people, President Mnangagwa said at the weekend.

Addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters over the weekend in Kwekwe, President Mnangagwa said the ruling party could not continue to fold arms when urban dwellers were being fleeced, and receiving a raw deal from the opposition, that has mutated into many factions over the years but still retaining its corruption streak.

“As the New Dispensation, we have said Zimbabwe can only be developed by Zimbabweans and Zimbabwe was brought about by Zanu PF through a protracted war. We could not continue to watch as the opposition, which has shown no care for the country and its people, continue to rundown our urban councils.

“It’s out country, they are our councils and this is why we have taken over the rehabilitation of roads through our Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said the country was thrown into the by-elections because of ructions which have shredded the opposition into squabbling factions over the years.

He said the infighting within the opposition parties at the expense of development is a clear message that the Western sponsored MDC, in all its hues, that include the recently formed Citizens Coalition for Change, is a clear message that the opposition has no plan on developing the country.

“Some were now saying why cant we have the by-elections but we said we are a responsible leadership, we love our people more than power, we could not hold the elections when Covid-19 was ravaging us, we put people first.

“Now the situation is getting better and we have proclaimed by-elections.

“The majority of these by-elections were as a result of the squabbles in the opposition, they threw each other out of Parliament as we watched and now we are required to go for by elections,” he said.

The President said Zanu PF gave birth to Zimbabwe and it was the revolutionary party that should also work towards upgrading the urban cities.

He said for years, councils have been run-down by the opposition, adding that the electorate should now vote them out and bring back the councils to rightful owners for development purposes.

“Our councils, all the councils from Harare, Mutare, Kwekwe, Gweru, all are not in the hands of their owners and this is why there is no development.

“But we have said each council should have a development programme, a country can only be built by its own people and this is why we are now hands-on,” he said.

The President said councils should come back to Zanu PF and urged the electorate to vote wisely while taking cognisance of the good works that have been done by the Second Republic in a few years.

He said the Second Republic was also doing remarkably well in improving food security at household level through the Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme.

He said under Pfumvudza, the Second Republic has managed to assist 1.8 million households with inputs.

“We have worked with the people and in excess of 1.8 million households had inputs in time. Yes we have some elderly who are not able to work now but last year, our Pfumvudza programme was a success,” he said.

The President added that the Second Republic has a clear development plan that is meant to involve everyone.

“Since the coming in of the Second Republic, we have many things which have been addressed in the country, we have many things also which are being addressed,” he said. Herald.

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