Keep on fighting

With Peter Marimi

Born to fight, let’s fight.
Brave fighters never take flight.
COVID-19 let us fight,
Together we have the might.
Of the battle, fierce and tight,
Fighters never lose sight.
Prospects may not look bright,
COVID-19 we have to fight,
A task not that light.
Although the virus can bite,
Let’s fight without fright.
To win battles we’ve got to fight,
Fighting the fight with delight.
Let us fight this health blight,
Imprisoning us in deadly night.
To win let’s do what is right,
Freeing ourselves from our plight,
Not as easy as drinking Sprite.
COVID-19 not yet in twilight,
Left unattended it will smite.
Hence we got to keep on fighting,
Fighting hard without halting,
Keeping it up without relaxing,
Although the fight is quite taxing.
You and me in the trenches firing,
Firing at the virus while caring,
Caring for the wounded and suffering.
Am my brother’s keeper, brothers
Am my sister’s keeper, sisters keeping.
You and me, each other protecting.
All of us citizens cooperating.
For united we remain standing,
Divided we will go on falling.
Falling we will be self -exterminating.
Let us all therefore, keep on fighting.

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