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Kamambo defence case set for next week

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Kamambo defence case set for next week


FORMER ZIFA president Felton Kamambo will be able to move his defence forward significantly next week after two days were set aside for him to counter State allegations that he bribed Zifa councillors to vote him into the top position during the elections.

Harare regional magistrate Mrs Bianca Makwande yesterday set aside May 26 and 27 for the continuation of Kamambo’s trial on fraud charges. If he needs more time the trial will be continued later.

Kamambo had sought a postponement of the continuation of the trial saying his lawyer was yet to get a transcribed record of proceedings for him to decide on whether to appeal at the High Court against the court’s decision to dismiss his application for discharge or go forward on his defence case.

Mrs Makwande said that she wanted to take the trial to its finality and cannot afford another postponement.

“The record of proceedings speaks to the proceedings that occurred in court and he (Kamambo’s lawyer Mr Chenaimoyo Gumiro) was here at all times.

“He heard the evidence that was being led from the witnesses and it is the issue of the exact words and maybe the exhibits that he wants to check. We cannot postpone for over two weeks because he is an officer of the court and he was there during trial and he knows the evidence that was led.

“If he needs the nitty-gritties which are contained in the docket it does not require two weeks. The interests of justice should be taken into account,” said Mrs Makwande.

The State led by Mr Reza concurred with the court saying the issue of a transcribed record cannot stall proceedings. Mr Reza said the matter has to be put to finality.

Kamambo is expected back in court on Thursday next week to open his defence case. Herald.

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