JZ league sets boozers league alight in Mberengwa

Sharon Nyaya
Mberengwa reporter

Mberengwa – Mberengwa has been set alight by a boozers’ league for 12 soccer and 11 netball teams that has been initiated in the district.

The tournament which is called JZ league is sponsored by ZANU PF central Committee member and land developer Justice Zvandasara.

The 12 teams are Neta FC, Waneta Muzi FC, J West FC, Bvute FC, Jeka FC, Mabhuru FC, Wanezi Village 9 FC, Mberengwa FC, Rupange FC, Yorko FC, Vanguard FC, and Gaururo FC.

The netball teams are Dambuchero turnoff, Vanguard, Village 10, Village 1, Village 9, Yorko, Mweya, Rupange, Gaururo, Mabika and Jeka.

The league executive committee comprises of Ashel John Gutu as the chairman, Joel Mpofu vice, Secretary Titus Vambire, vice secretary Euvence Chateka, Treasurer Sioneni Moyo and three committee members Ruthia Magadhi, Vincent Nguruchena and T. Ganyani.

The games started three weeks and trophies and prize money for winners is still being worked on.
“I was born and bred in Mabika, Mberengwa and am proud to be giving back to the community. The tournaments will occupy and entertain youth in the area. Our Foundation doesn’t end in sponsoring sport, we have scholarships for children,” said Zvandasara. http://masvingmirror.com

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