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Jonathan Moyo grilled over ‘CCC links’


Jonathan Moyo grilled over ‘CCC links’


A UNIVERSITY of London professor of world politics, Stephen Chan, has taken a dig at self-exiled former Cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo saying the former Information minister at one point sought to join the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party.

Chan yesterday tweeted alleging that Moyo sought to join CCC, but was rejected due to his lack of loyalty.

“I understand Jonathan Moyo did, indeed, seek to join the CCC. Thankfully, that fell through as his record is hardly one of loyalty. But he has made astute comments on the need for party structures,” he tweeted.

“Certainly, the West needs to know who is in the front bench of what should be projected as a government-in-waiting, with whom in each specialist portfolio, e.g. health, education, justice, agriculture, industry, finance, foreign affairs and defence and who will the West be dealing? So is it a government-in-waiting, or simply a President-in-waiting.”

In the past few weeks, Moyo has been attacking the CCC party on social media for its failure to set up structures and hold a congress before the watershed 2023 elections.

CCC members have, in turn, accused him of attacking the opposition party after he lost a bid to join them.

Responding to Chan’s tweet, Moyo dismissed the claims and demanded that Chamisa should rectify the claims, although he admitted that he had an alliance with the opposition in 2017 during the November coup that removed the late former President Robert Mugabe from power.

“Stephen, this is very unprofessional and unacceptable. I categorically state that I never sought to join CCC and would not be so foolish to join a structure-less party without a joining mechanism. @nelsonchamisa has to correct this otherwise I’ll do so myself. We parted in November 21,” Moyo tweeted back.

CCC acting spokesperson Gift “Ostallos” Siziba refused to comment on the matter.

“These are social media issues. It’s a nonentity,” he said. Newsday

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