Jonah Moyo to launch album with GZU


MASVINGO – Jonah Moyo, the legendary musician of the early days of Zimbabwe’s independence will soon launch an album with the Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) where he is now employed as a musical instrument instructor.

Moyo of the Devera Ngwena fame and undoubtedly the musician of the first three years of independence produced the album together with GZU music students. The name of the album is Zimba Remabwe.

Moyo joined GZU in January 2020 and is working in the Department of Performing and Visual Arts where he teaches practicals.

“I wrote the songs and students and other supporting staff helped in producing the album that we are yet to launch. The launch awaits the approval of the Administration’, said Moyo.

Moyo is brother to one of Zimbabwe’s most famous novelist Aaron Chiundura Moyo. Some of Moyo’s greatest hits include Solo na Mutsai and Babra which topped the charts during their time.

“All of my albums add to 41 including Zimbabwe Remabwe,” said Moyo.

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