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Jonah Moyo song used as war cry in the construction of highway

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Jonah Moyo song used as war cry in the construction of highway


Ancilla Gotore


MASVINGO – Masvingo neCarpet, a hit song released by legendary musician, Jonah Moyo in 1986 has been used by Masimba Holdings as a war cry by company workers as they constructed the 10km dual carriage way that enters Masvingo City from Harare.

Masimba Holdings Engineer Anyway Dingembira said the 36-year-old song was prophetic as much as it inspired the company as it built the state of art road.

As a result, Masimba has offered Moyo a chance of a lifetime to do a video of his song to celebrate the dream of a road of international standards that the musician sang about 36 years ago.

On Friday Masimba management took Moyo for lunch at a local hotel and thanked him for the song which they described as inspirational to their engineers and workers as they perfected the dualised portion between Gokomere Mission and the CBD.

The four-lane road which was opened to motorists just before Christmas has been described by the public as one of the best pieces of roads in Zimbabwe.

The love song describes roads leading into Masvingo as carpets because of their good state adding that driving on them is an angelic experience.

There were no tarred roads into Masvingo when Moyuo penned the song. The tarred road from Bulawayo for example ended 40km away in Mashava, the tarred road from Harare ended 100km away in Mvuma, the tarred road from Mutare ended 90km away in Bikita and the tarred road from Chiredzi ended 100km at Ngundu.

The song, however still held a dream of a carpeted road.

The song goes;

Ndikafunga mudiwa wangu P wepamoyo

Masvingo wee, Masvingo wee Masvingo we necarpet

Ndikafunga mudiwa wangu Sarah anondida

Masvingo wee, Masvingo wee Masvingo necarpet

Ndikafunga Regina kucollege

Masvingo wee, Masvingo wee, Masvingo wee ne carpet

Ndoenda ndega amai wee, ndoenda ndega necarpet etc

Dingembira said after successfully completing the northern stretch of the Harare Road and doing it to the public and stakeholders appreciation, Masimba decided do a lunch for Moyo.

Moyo who was accompanied by his daughter Crescencia was also offered accommodation for two at a local hotel and some vouchers.

“As Masimba Holdings we are glad that we have constructed as state-of-the-art highway and fulfilled the prophecy of Moyo’s song. We therefore wish to honour him. He had a good vision for the road in 1986 and we delivered it in 2022.

“We have offered him weekend accommodation for two at a local hotel. We also spent the day today with the legend reminiscing about the song and its long-held aspiration for good roads for Masvingo. Our gesture will open more partnerships with himt,” said Dingembira.

Moyo appreciated Masimba for the recognition.

“I want to thank Masimba Holdings for honouring my 1986 song which I never dreamt of. When I wrote the song, it was only a dream for better developed Masvingo. I saw immense potential in the City as it hosts tourist attractions like Kyle Dam and the Great Zimbabwe Monuments,” said Moyo.

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