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J&J Transport pays truck Zim drivers US$300

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J&J Transport pays truck Zim drivers US$300


Garikai Mafirakureva

DRC – J&J Africa has finally paid its 210 Zimbabwean truck drivers who were on strike for the last one week in the DRC US$300 health allowance.

The drivers were demanding US$500 but according to information seen by The Mirror, the rest of the negotiations will take place after the workers had gone back to work.

“This is to confirm that we are paying a once off US$300 to all the drivers on the Congo route to start driving to your respective places.
“In the meantime please nominate five of your drivers to negotiate and finalise the issue at the mother depot in Harare,” reads part of a letter written by J&J general manager Vikram Singh.
The drivers abandoned their trucks at Mutanda Mine and Kasumbalesa Border post in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The workers said that they carried hazardous substances and the mines whose goods they ferried were releasing US$500 to J&J to be paid to drivers as health risk allowance. However, J&J is alleged to have been keeping the money.

“We are now withdrawing our money at Inter-Africa. We received a letter from the company’s general manager yesterday. We had a dialogue with Noah Chipenzi the Operations Manager and Vikram the General Manager and they offered us US$300 which they paid into our accounts,” said a driver who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Five drivers went missing during the strike and it is not clear if they have since been accounted for. The strike went ugly after unruly elements allegedly started attacking the Zimbabwean drivers in the DRC in a bid to push them to go back to work.
One of the managers, Albert Bere allegedly swore that the company was not going to pay the drivers anything.

“Those who are leading the strike have made a suicidal move. This is not the first time. As a company we don’t take prisoners. We are going to bring war to you. We don’t negotiate with terrorists,” one of the alleged J&J managers is heard saying in an audio.https://masvingomirror.com

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