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Jilted lover falls in love with married girlfriend’s mother

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Jilted lover falls in love with married girlfriend’s mother


After days of following a shadowy and mystifying trial pitting the award-winning American actor, producer, musician and painter, John Depp and his ex-wife and actress Amber Heard, HOTH is back with the local tell-tales. Those who watch movies will agree with me that Depp was a successful star between 2003 and 2017 playing Captain Jack Sparrow in the Walt Disney swashbuckler film series Pirates of the Caribbean.
The actor is suing his ex-wife at Fairfax County Circuit Court for US$50 million defamation saying Amber Heard’s op-ed is said to have ‘cancelled’ Johnny Depp, and sank his $22.5 million movie deal. Oh, excuse me: $50 million? This guy must be out of his mind. That’s very little money.
Does he know that our very own sister spat in the face of Americans after they offered her a paltry US$1 million on condition she speaks bad about her country? Bravo sister. They don’t call you @lillomatic for nothing.

HOTH is told the same psychological term that has entered the public’s lexicon in the US in the previous weeks is the same mental health term being thrown in the face of our not so beloved sister. They said Amber Heard is suffering from Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD). What a term?
So what exactly is HPD? When HOTH heard the description of the term he was struck with aware. Hanzi nevamwe licensed psychologist vari muNew York City vanonzi Jessica January Behr, PsyD, Histrionic Personality Disorder means overly theatrical or melodramatic and tends to be more common in women, can be learned or inherited, and comes with “intense, unstable emotions and distorted self-images,” according to the Cleveland Clinic.
And those with the disorder tend to behave dramatically, rely on other people’s approval to bolster their self-esteem, and have an “overwhelming desire to be noticed.” Histrionic personality disorder is far less commonly diagnosed than paranoid, narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive or borderline personality disorder.

I am advocating for that psychologist kuti vaite the same pana sis Rinda so that a lot of people will know more about her mental health. I am shell-shocked by the Hashtags associated with the latest attack on the Americans by sis Linda that have trended across Twitter, as Twimbos mock the stupidity, messiness, scandalous, and fictitious stories.
HOTH is told Rinda’s handlers and Gumbakumba fans (and rumoured bots) are clogging up online forums with ungrammatical missives of misogyny and hate after my seemingly demented sister started gaslighting Zimbabweans. In case some of you are not aware what bots are; a bot is an autonomous program on the internet or another network that can interact with systems or users or simply Robot.

Haiwa mazuva ano ndakumwira mutab iyo iya yekugezera dirai rizare sis Linda. Usaita mbiri yekenduru yekunzi ende rinobvira iwe uchitopera
Well, let’s leave that for a moment and travel to that land in the eastern side of the province where those stinging buds are found. Ehezvee unobuda Dikita ukadya iya yakasviba. So I am reliably informed that there is a guy iko kudhuze nekuzhurumhembe uko who was going out with this other lady.
I heard the two were an item before the young lady decided to go and look for work in the capital city. That’s when all the glitches in the relationship started. It was now a distant relationship with lady visiting occasionally.
The glowing love charcoal started to slow blow out until it was just a heap of ashes. The lady stopped coming but the man didn’t stop visiting ipo paya pasabhuku. He started love-bombing his mother-in-law, buying her groceries and other valuables including clothes until the two started sharing the forbidden fruit. But Bla Joe makaoma marecovery ka awa amanga makuita.

The situation got worse when he heard that his girlfriend was married to another guy in Harare and anga akuuya kuzoroora. Vakomana unobuda Dikita chairo. Asi iwe Mercy usadaro iwe. So I don’t know how the mother and daughter will handle this issue. So many questions will remain unanswered.
Ko bla Joe vacharamba vachienda kumba kwana Mercy here kana aroorwa? Ko ivo sabhuku vachati chii ivo vaidya grocery raBla Joe? What if he discovers that Bla Joe was hitting his wife? Will the two love birds Bla Joe and Mercy stop seeing each other or they will secretly rekindle the affair? Rega timbosiira ipapo.

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