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Israeli billionaire targets real estate, mining


Israeli billionaire targets real estate, mining


ISRAELI billionaire and Shabtai Group of Companies president, Mr Gilad Shabtai, is in the country and has already met President Mnangagwa to discuss and explore the various investment opportunities available in Zimbabwe.

Mr Shabtai also held a couple of meetings during the course of the week with various development partners in consumer technology, software and food manufacturing.

During the meeting with President Mnangagwa, where he was assured that Zimbabwe will remain a safe investment destination, Mr Shabtai indicated that he was keen to explore investment opportunities in infrastructure and large-scale real estate development.

Mr Shabtai also expressed interest in injecting capital in mining, agriculture and construction of low income housing units across the country.

Over the past two decades, Mr Shabtai has invested in world leading technology-based companies that include AquaMaof, a leading world aquaculture technology investment.

He has also invested in the highly-rated United States firm, Nutrifres, which is one of the largest e-commerce establishments.

Mr Shabtai constructed several luxury residential projects in Tel Aviv and his group is presently engaged in the planning and building of a top-notch hotel and residential project in Netanya, Israel.

“Recently, we concluded a deal to develop a multi-million dollar mixed use real estate project in the resort city of Limassol in Cyprus.

“The development sits on 160 000 square metres and features exclusive seven-star facilities providing bespoke services for owners and investors which encompass upscale homes and residential apartments.

“Our technology investment philosophy is based on identifying a technology in its early stage with a potential to expand existing markets and make a true and valuable difference,” said Mr Shabtai.

He said they have the world’s most innovative indoor aquaculture platform which reduces operational costs and eliminates external limitations of conventional methods.

“The company provides a full end-to-end technology solution including the design, development and project management of aquaculture facilities across a wide range of species.

“AquaMaof’s solutions enable environmentally-friendly seafood production, utilising no chemicals, no vaccinations, no antibiotics and has minimal waste discharge.

“The unique technology enables local food production, food security and the delivery of fresh, tasty, healthy, and sustainably-sourced seafood from farm to market,” he said.

Mr Shabtai said they have investment in aquaculture in 11 countries around the world.

The company is also willing to establish technology that aims to bridging the gap between agriculture, industrial production, pharmaceuticals and sustainability.

Recently, a three-member delegation from one of the largest marine terminal operators in the world, DP World owned by the government of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), also met President Mnangagwa and expressed interest in setting. Herald


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