Irresponsible Gutu spook terrorizing people

I heard this violent tsegu from Gutu is abusing his profession to abuse even his wife. Koiko kumabasa echitsegu kune maboss here these days kana kuti yangova mazvake mazvake kutamba kwemapofu? Waibata! Ndionereiwo mashura aJojina chaiwo. Waibata.

Because they should rein in this Green bomber. Hoth is reliably informed that he has started a small shop for the maid lover in Gutu. Ko iko kuchurch hamuchadi here? I am not too sure which church you attend but I am told it’s one of those mainline churches- Katorike, Dhachi, Hwisiri hameno ikoko.

So nhai Mukanya you thought your wife of many years can’t run a shop here? If the wife went back to her home after you took the kids to a function at your maid lover’s place where you put up makuvashungurudzirei netuma status twusina basa. Apa I am told your maid lover is so generous with her sacred fruit that’s why you had to beat her that other day at Muhuute Inside after finding her with another boyfriend. Muti wemusango uyo Mukanya. Whatever your antics with women I am not worried but your gross abuse of Charlie num- ber power gets me thinking. Whatever you do remember at 40 you are still young and your other three brothers died before reaching 45 like the biblical Joshua’s sons. Saka mukati farefare moti tindike. You can dry clean your mates in the field but not Hoth anokuwana chete. Waibata.

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