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If you don’t do politics then politics will do you

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If you don’t do politics then politics will do you


Phew!!! I never knew a week is that long. I was forced to calculate accurately the length of a week. I now know that a week has 604,800 seconds, 10, 080 minutes and 168 hours. See, what I am telling you! A week is a very long period. Nonetheless, we are slowly moving towards the much-awaited by-elections.

I just thought this week only, and only this week we can leave our usual gossiping and go for things that affect our daily lives. Please I beg woooh! Go and register to vote. Kana wovhota ikodzero yako kusarudza mambo waunoda.  

On that subject I think I need to start with a quote from Bertolt Brecht, a German playwright and poet which goes like; “The worst illiterate is the political illiterate. He hears nothing, sees nothing, and takes no part in political life. He doesn’t seem to know that the cost of living, the price of beans, of flour, of rent, of medicines all depend on political decisions.

“He even prides himself on his political ignorance, sticks out his chest and says he hates politics. He doesn’t know the imbecile, that from his political non-participation comes the prostitute, the abandoned child, the robber, and the worst of all, corrupt officials, and the lackeys of exploitative multinational corporations.”

However, I am a bit sceptical if they are going to handle the whole process smoothly. With the voters’ roll in shambles and the officers who are supposed to preside over the election seemingly clueless; the procedure is going to be a conundrum draped in a mystery inside an absurdity, but that won’t deter HOTH from registering and voting for change.

These Zealots and Excited Crooks’ (ZEC) shenanigans and crass corruption are so visible. I am sure you will all agree with me that this revolutionary oligarchy is growing at a breakneck pace. HOTH is inclined ask our former war liberators, how much power and money is enough?  I think you have already milked this country dry. So why cling to power for so long? Does anyone have the will power to mop up all this mess?

I am sure the answer rests with all countrymen. People should be encouraged to register to vote so that they can exercise their constitutional rights and make long-lasting decisions that will turn this country to its former glory days, because if you think the problem will go away on its own you will realise that a slacker becomes slower if given additional time.  

HOTH feels that a good dancer knows when to vacate the dance floor. My brother, my father, or my grandpa; just remember that your significance is exalted according to the number of people you educated, assisted and gratified. Make this your slogan: “No matter how good you are if you stay for too long, you will end up losing it”

By the way can someone tell me who is coxswaining this wrecked ship and why didn’t the board spot the iceberg? This growing poppycock and populist authoritarianism is pushing the Gumba-kumba Titanic towards an enormous iceberg called ‘factionalism’ and it’s going to break in half before it sinks. Rivets at DCC and PCC have already popped off, effectively unzipping the hull at the national seams.

HOTH can easily see that the ship is going to snap into two pieces just before its final plunge. The fun thing is some will fight for their survival, means, livelihoods, and statuses after the storm in order to earn an honest living when they flee from this teapot country to a corruption-intolerant foreign country.

I am reliably informed all is not well in the Club as team Chinemukutu, ehezve team Chitova chose to snub that beautiful woman that hails from beyond those mountains in Manica Valley when she came to campaign for the club’s candidates in Ngundu. I don’t know if I can say a beautiful woman or granny. Chokwadi chinokura chinokotama musoro wegudo chava chinokoro. Ndodzakaita mukurumbira chaidzo.

However, the following day Cde Tomorrow was in Mwenezi and team Crying Wolves was there this time. Ko panoungana makora ziva kuti pane chinodyiwa chinge chavingwa. Asi dzorai moyo maIndia aya akatotorerwa mine iya.

HOTH was told another young guy from our hood brought in Panganai Java as a partner. You know our guy they him herder or Murisi or tatters or Marisa. Whatever, the name it doesn’t matter. Obviously, hunger drives the wolf out of the wood.  Yes, he was here and he had a small party in the form of Small…mines…aah ndiregei ini HOTH doesn’t know much about such parties. But if you know you know.

I know the guy has a lot of fans and some are already disappointed and cussing both the author and the damn god article. Take it easy guys. One day you will realise how pretty disappointing it is when you defend someone throughout everything and they turn out being just as shitty as everyone said they were.https://masvingomirror.com

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