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I was attacked over boundaries- Chief Murinye

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I was attacked over boundaries- Chief Murinye



MASVINGO – Chief Murinye, born Ephias Munodawafa has told Masvingo Magistrate, Ivy Jawona that he was attacked over boundary disputes with other chiefs by seven villagers who manhandled him at a funeral in June last year.
He told the court that the attack was premeditated because the family of the deceased person knew that the burial spot they chose is forbidden and only did so to spite him.
“Your worship my attack was premeditated because the father of the deceased knows that the place was of cultural value in our area before he illegally settled there.
“I have a strong belief that the attack against me was organized because the discontent started when I arrived at the funeral. As you may know I am related to Chief Shumba and Chief Mugabe and we are having boundary disputes. This is the major cause of my attack not the issue of the burial site,” he said.
Magistrate Jowana postponed the matter to February 22, 2024, for continuation of trial.
The seven villagers are Jennifer Shumba Mhande (70), Amen Munyimo (46), Moses Mugabe (42), Charles Ngoma (48), Gilbert Musiiwa (36), Muza Muza (46) and Christopher Maromo (52) from Boroma Resettlement area in Masvingo Rural. They are charged with Public violence and assault charges.
The incident happened on June 28, 2023, at the burial of Jairos Zindoga in Village 33B under his chiefdom.
Circumstances are that Chief Murinye was informed that Zingdoga was about to be ready at an undesignated place at his homestead. He went to the homestead and ordered the burial to be stopped.
He allegedly told mourners that Zindoga illegally settled at the place which holds cultural significance and he therefore could not be buried there. He said that he should be buried at a community cemetery. The seven villagers then allegedly assaulted him for stopping the burial rites.
The accused told the court that they did not assault the chief and he is merely framing them because they are from the Mugabe chieftainship family that Chief Murinye is having boundary disputes with.
Several villagers including Wakemore Gavhure were convicted of the same charge last year.
Tichaona Chakavarika prosecuted.

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