I did not cry because of Joe Biden but Zanu PF

GOOD versus EVIL

l am not ashamed to disclose that I cried when Biden won the US presidential elections.
I do not care whether he deserved it or not, but I can see that the American electoral process protects the will of the people.
I cried because the will of the people may never see the light of day in my own country Zimbabwe.
No one, except the Zanu PF elites, enjoy what has become of this country.
No jobs, filth, no water in urban areas, no money, no healthcare, grand corruption, theft, incompetence, cronyism, nepotism, and all societal ills are the hallmark of Zanu PF and the country called Zimbabwe which Zanu PF has trampled into destitution.
No hope.
This has happend because the same political party responsible for the country’s demise controls all its institutions, institutions which are supposed to protect fairness.
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, a dunce Judge called Luke Malaba who decides on Presidential election challenges, are both in Zanu PF’s pocket.
And you still think the opposition will win?
But people know what is wrong and what is right.
What is right is that Zanu PF must go, and believe you me, the people are with me on this one.
And we will upset the apple cart.
And my tears of sorrow will turn into tears of joy.
For evil may never overcome good.

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