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I am the one who blocks CCC rallies in Masvingo–Zanu PF

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I am the one who blocks CCC rallies in Masvingo–Zanu PF




MASVINGO – Zanu PF councillor for Ward 10, Masvingo Urban, Sengerayi Manyanga has called on party members to bar any Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) meetings in their areas using different tactics including booking venues ahead of the opposition’s proposed programmes.

Manyanga was speaking at a closed door party meeting for 24 affiliates for ED at Charles Austin Theatre in Masvingo drawn from the province’s seven districts today.

Conspicuous by his presence was Masvingo Christian College headmaster, Edmore Muresherwa who stood up to represent Teachers for ED. He was accompanied at the meeting by Minister of State for Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira’s wife Euphrasia Muvengwa who is also also a teacher.

A senior party official at the meeting assured the affiliates that they enjoyed the President’s maximum support.

Manyanga bragged that he is the one who has been blocking CCC meetings in Masvingo adding that he is well connected and works closely with members of the Police and Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) to frustrate the opposition.

He further bragged that Zanu PF did not need to apply to Police to hold a meeting or to book a venue and said for instance the party was not paying anything for using Charles Austin Theater as a venue because the theater is run by a committee headed by Zanu PF operatives including Charles Munganasa and councillor Against Chiteme.

Munganasa is a Zanu PF provincial party member.

Manyanga urged party supporters to report any CCC meetings including those taking place at private residences to the Police and added that there should be no CCC meeting that should take place in the province until after the general elections.

He said an effective method to stop opposition meetings is to book venues like stadia, halls and open spaces ahead of their schedules.

The affiliates that attended the meeting included Vapostori4ED, Health Ambassadors4ED, Mahwindi4ED, Teachers4ED, Hustlez4ED, Cross Boarder traders4ED, Ama2k4ED and Pastors4ED.

“I am the one who has been blocking all CCC rallies in Masvingo. How can you allow CCC to hold a rally in your ward or district? You must know that as a Zanu PF supporter you own this country and all members of the security forces are yours. Just go and book all stadiums and possible venues in advance so that CCC does not hold any meeting,” said Manyanga.

He hailed the arrest of 25 CCC members in Budiriro, Harare last week recently adding that opposition supporters should be ambushed.

Zanu PF Masvingo Political Commissar Brain Munyoro was the guest honour at the meeting and he was accompanied by the vice Chairman Trust Mugabe.

Munyoro welcomed the formation of the various affiliates for ED and told them that they enjoy the blessing of the president as the party is desperate to get 5 million votes.

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