I am enjoying technology

By Sekuru Taurai

Talk of me Sekuru Taurai being a BBT. Yes, BBT means Born Before Technology. When I was born more than seven decades ago there wasn’t much of technology to write home about. What’s there to write about the gramophone which was overtaken the Supersonic or WRS radiograms. Later came the tape recorder and the Walkman using cassettes. These were followed by the CD player which ensured the demise of vinyl records. The CD was then outdone by the flash also known as the memory stick or just storage device in which you can store hundreds of songs and play them on a variety of devices. Earphones and headphones enable you to enjoy your music without anyone else hearing it. When I was born there was no TV it was quite something when it came in black and white, then came colour was added to the box and soon the box was flattened to different sizes on which I can see live action as it happens. When I was born people had to travel long distances to the nearest shopping centre or mission station to make rare telephone calls only in times of emergencies. Messages could also be send by letter or telegram and cash by registered mail. Today almost everyone has a cellphone and can even see the person being called live on the device. These are just e few examples of technological advancement that is actually ongoing at a fast rate.

You see, I have lived in that age when the current technology could not even have been a dream. I was able to live through the different stages of the development of technology. I know how difficult it was then to send a message as compared to how today I can to talk to someone thousands of miles away by cellphone or email. If you today were to bring a cellphone to someone living in the 50s for example and show him how it works I am sure he would run away and call you a witch or wizard. I am therefore able to appreciate and enjoy the current ever developing technology much more than those born after and during this new technology.  q

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