Hyenas kill over 100 goats in Gutu North

Morris Bishi

Gutu – Hyenas are wreaking havoc in many parts of Gutu North and they have so far this year killed more than 100 goats and 20 herds of cattle, Chief Nyika Chitsa has said.

He told The Mirror that he receives at least two reports daily of goats or cattle killed by the hyenas and wild dogs. He made several reports to Zimparks but the matter is yet to be attended to.

He said that the hyenas are too many this year and his fear is that they may soon attack people.

The most seriously affected areas are Nyazvidzi Small Scale Commercial Farming Area, Soti Source Resettlement, Nharira, Chinyika, Firomumwe, Makudo and Chitsa.

Zimparks Spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said his department has since deployed people to track down the hyenas in the area. He said human wildlife conflict is now rampant throughout the country and urged people to quickly report such incidences.

The hyenas hide in Dambo, Chikato and Mangwandi hills.

“The problem is that the hyenas are too many, once the sun sets they start hunting for food. We made several reports to Zimparks but the problem is yet to be addressed. Our fear now is that they will attack human beings especially children” said Chief Chitsa.

Pfumo Mangwiro said that the problem is serious and people are afraid to walk after dusk or before dawn. Charles Makore said the hyenas initially found easy prey on carcasses of cattle dying from the January disease but the death rate has slumped.

Mbuya Raviro Takaona said the problem was compounded by dogs infected with rabies. She lost 10 chickens to one such dog on Thursday night and one young man from her farm, Aaron Mugadza is being treated for rabies after the dog bite. masvingomirror.com

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