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Hunting the bush bucks to extinction

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Hunting the bush bucks to extinction


Bush bucks were plentiful in the grazing lands beyond Mutorahuku River.

They were a common site in Chibako grazing vlei and in the hilly outcrop behind the now defunct whiteman’s showroom which had now been turned into a soccer pitch by the herdboys who hunted down the bush buck to extinction.

The herdboys kept hunting dogs which were named after their families’ philosophical outlook on life.

“Zvisinei”; it no longer matters, “Tsiga”; be faithful, “Zvanyadza”; it is a shame, “Pafunge,” just imagine, and “Sango”; the forest of evil, were not uncommon names for the herdboys’ dogs.

They were thin and vicious. They were faithful and obedient. They were formidable and fierce. And they made a lethal hunting team with their herdboy masters.

The bush buck panicked and made a fatal mistake. It sprung from its hiding place in the thicket of the hilly outcrop behind the whiteman’s showroom after it heard the herdboy’s piercing whistle.

The bush buck hurtled downhill towards the valley of Chibako, straight into the trap of the herdboys and their vicious mongrels.

The bush buck displayed amazing agility. It was swift and lept and swerved with amazing grace, but it was no match for the herdboys’ dogs and their inborn hunting mastery.

At the command of the herdboys’ whistling, the dogs pursued the bush buck with relentless tenacity, cutting it off, and closing in for the kill, the climax of the hunting thrill.

The end was nigh.

But the bush buck continued to fight, dragging its killers into the dust of bloody mortal combat, with its glaring eyes defying certain death.

“Vagere”; they have it all, is the dog that brought the bush buck’s lifelike throes to a final end by using its jaws to suffocate it. The end arrived.

The herdboys rejoiced.

But little did they know that the womb of the the bush buck contained and carried the last of the bush buck’s offspring, which perished to extinction together with its mother’s violent, gruesome death.

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