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Hunger and starvation in Chibhoraniland

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Hunger and starvation in Chibhoraniland


It all started very well. We were given promises of a normal to above normal rainfall season, same as the previous season when we had good rains and bumper harvests. Excited we were once more expecting to plant and harvest plenty. We worked harder and planted more than before. Things looked good at the beginning.

Crops were beautiful to look at. Chibhoraniland was marching towards African bread basket status and we expected to smile all the way to the bank.

Weeks down the line the picture started to change, changing not for the best but for the worst. We started to go for days without any meaningful rain except rupfunhambuya or light drizzle on rare occasions. Rupfunhambuya kept the crops going for a few days raising hopes of more rains to come. Nothing came.

Crops started to wilt but we kept on hoping for more rain. Nothing came. The nightmare started to sin kin. Most crops were now wilting beyond recovery. As things currently stand we have many whose crops are already aright-off.

Rain or no rain, they are going to get nothing from their fields. This, my dear Chibhorani friends and enemies is climate change in action. If you think it is in action only in Iceland and developed western countries, then you are wrong. Climate change is not just on our doorsteps, it is right here in Chibhoraniland and its effects are being seen allover and the drought we are beginning to experience is one of its obvious signs. Talk of the cyclones that have hit us with more said to be on the way. Extremely high and low temperatures are a regular feature. That is climate change in action. Whois to blame? While you are pointing your finger at industrialised countries your other four fingers are actually pointing at yourself.

Yes, you are to blame as well. The trees that are being wantonly cut, the grass that is being carelessly burned, more smoke from factories, vehicles and house hold fires, even the gas from cow dung are some of the causes of climate change.Who in Chibhoraniland is therefore not guilty of the climate change crime?

No one. Fighting climate change is therefore everyone’s responsibility, failure of which some of us will die from hot or cold temperatures, some from asphyxiation as we are going to have more carbon dioxide than oxygen, some from hunger or thirst, some from severe storms, floods and cyclones, some from wars as people will fight each other for food, water and land.The world will turn into a desert with sea levels rising every day as ice melts at the poles. If you are forewarned you are forearmed. Sekuru Taurai has warned you. https://masvingomirror.com

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