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Humans depend on bees

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Humans depend on bees



It is everyone’s desire to live in a country that flows with milk and honey, so to speak. Obviously Chibhoraniland being a chibhorani land is not the country where many would find themselves partaking any of these two nutritious and vital foods that are symbols of a good life. Maybe in the envisioned 2030 this will happen. It’s a wait and see game. Milk aside, I want to talk to you about honey. Well, I don’t have to tell you that honey is sweet, a commodity that is sought after by many. Many a man will lovingly call their wives “honey’’. Unfortunately not so many of us will give a damn about the little honey bee insect that produces this sweet liquid.
What we are not aware of is that humans actually depend on honey bees for their lives. Yes they do. If you did not know please be advised that bees help in the production of one third of human food supply and this through the simple act of pollination. Bees are responsible for pollinating the plants that give us the food we consume. They say that most plants to the tune of almost 90% depend on pollinators for propagation. Of course there are other pollinators like butterflies, birds, beetles, bats even flies and many more but bees are on top of the list. A lot of the different foods, vegetables and fruits that you see on the shelves of grocery stores would not be there if it were not for the bee. So without bees you migh without tomatoes, water melons, t find yourself pumpkins and many other foods. Without bees there will be hunger and starvation. Hence they are undoubtedly the most important insects for us human beings. Bees do not only pollinate crops, fruits and vegetables for us, they also pollinate wild trees and plants thereby contributing to the improvement of the environment. This makes them a critical part of our ecosystem. Without bees you may not have some of those beautiful flowers you need to decorate your homes and for functions like weddings, parties and funerals. Bees are the source of six hive products that are used by humans for medicinal and nutritional purposes. These include honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, venom and beeswax.
It is only appropriate that we humans make sure that we are very grateful to bees for their contribution to our wellbeing. When you see a bee flying around please say, ‘’Thank you bee for feeding me”. Ndipo paunoona some honey hungry individuals burning bees to death while extracting honey from beehives. To that add the problem of veld fires that contribute to the destruction of bees. You can also add the issue of spraying chemicals when we try to kill hungry quail birds that eat up our wheat in the fields or other pests that destroy our crops. All these activities contribute to the declining number of bees. We have to be careful here Chibhoraniland citizens because we need every bee as it helps us to survive and even enjoy life.
Don’t we say, ‘’As busy as a bee’’? Indeed bees are some of the busiest creatures with a bee able to visit more than 2000 flowers in a day. Let us also get busy making sure that we look after bees because they look after us. Musazoti Sekuru Taurai havana kumbozvitaura.

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