Human rights abuses make Unity Day meaningless – Chamisa

Mirror Reporter

Harare – The rampant human rights abuses, violence, intolerance of diverse views and poverty pervading the majority of Zimbabweans has made Unity Day celebrations a mockery, MDC A president Nelson Chamisa has said.

Chamisa said this in a statement he released today to mark the country’s Unity Day.

He said unity day has long lost meaning because of Government’s intolerance that has seen opposition voices being incarcerated for long periods of time without trial.

“Unity does not criminalise diversity and alternative views,” said Chamisa.

He said that Unity Day in Zimbabwe mocks its true meaning, adding that unity meant peace, love, diversity, respect and the process where parties of different ideologies are allowed to pursue their cause while coming together to face common threats.

In Zimbabwe, there is “harassment, intimidation, illegal arrests of opposition leaders, activists and professionals and this is repugnant to unity and peace,” said Chamisa.

He bemoaned the pain and suffering that Zimbabweans are going through and said true unity does not sweep such situations under the carpet as is happening with the current Government.

“Genuine unity does not produce an impoverished society. It exalts a people to prosperity. Too many of our people are in great pain because of socio-economic burdens that have become unbearable,” said Chamisa.

He also said that there were too many divisions, violence and hatred in Zimbabwe.

“We note with disdain an increase in abductions, in torture against citizens. We have hundreds of MDC leaders in detention or on remand facing trumped up politically motivated charges,” said Chamisa.

He said celebrating unity on its own was not enough and there was need to also celebrate peace and prayer together with it.

As a result he proposed that his Government will introduce a National Unity, Peace and Prayer Day.

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