Huge black mamba at Masvingo hair saloon

Mirror reporter

Masvingo – There was pandemonium at a popular CBD saloon in Masvingo when a one-and-half metre long black mamba sneaked into the saloon through a small hole on a disused door.

A woman getting her hair done was the first to spot the snake after it passed under her chair and between her legs before it appeared in front of her. Barbers, hair dressers and the clients scurried to safety as the confused snake tried to hide in a car.

The snake was later killed but the fear that snakes move in pairs left workers at the saloon uneasy that that the partner would soon emerge.

This is the second time that such a big snake was spotted in the CBD. A few years back a similar mamba was found hiding in a dress in a shop at Tsungai Building owned by prominent businessman Edmond Mhere.

Amiel Gozho in picture holding the black mamba.

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