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How lust got him chameleon eyes!

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How lust got him chameleon eyes!



The upper village boys and the lower village boys enjoyed an uneasy peace.

Encounters between the upper and lower village boys had unpredictable results, sometimes violent, sometimes merry.

Some soccer matches did not end well between the neighbouring villages, violence flared.

But sometimes the upper and lower village boys drank together and sang together and had a helluva good time.

During such moments of merry making, their voices could be heard from accross Mutorahuku River after a night of drinking at Mudhara Svoba’s counter, as they sang in sorrowful joy;

 “Neria, Neria used to 

  play with others

  To it l can add sugar

  and stir the mixture

  Stir it, stir it, for she

  used to play with others

  To it l can add sugar 

   and stir the mixture”

Upon reaching Mutorahuku River, they would share tobacco and part ways, with the lower village boys heading South and the upper village boys heading North.

lt was one of those nights when there was joy and peace between the neighbouring villages, or was it?

On one such night, two boys from the lower village still had unfinished business.

 They had arranged to see a girl of the upper village that same night.

 They knew she was alone at home with her brother as both her parents were in the City.

lt was a dangerous mission, because once the upper village boys discovered what they were up to, there would be hell to pay.

The two lower village boys who were scheming to see the upper village girl had names. 

The one who was in a relationship with with the upper village girl was clever and daring and reckless. We will call him Decadent. 

The other lower village boy who accompanied Decadent was loyal and faithful. We will call him Diligent.

So Decadent and Diligent waited in the darkness watching the upper village boys, with whom they had been singing and drinking that same night, disappear into their homes for the night.

lt was quiet. And tense.

Here is the plan, Decadent pronounced to Diligent. You will take position at the corner pole of the homestead, while l jump the fence into her yard and creep up to her window. You must watch out for trouble and wait until l come back.  Signal me with a whistle if something goes wrong.

lt is well understood, Diligent replied.

And so Decadent crept to the girl’s window and put saliva on his fingure and used it to produce a squeeking sound by rubbing it hard on the window pane.

The girl well understood the signal. She opened the window and pulled Decadent into her bedroom. She was ready for him, and completely naked.

From accross the road, one of the upper village boys who had got out of his bedroom hut to pass urine saw Decadent being pulled into the girl’s bedroom through the window.

ln no time, a team of eight upper village boys were discussing strategy in hushed tones, whilst they were armed with knobkerries and sjamboks and catapults.

His first escape route is the window, their leader said. I want five of you outside the girl’s window, while myself and two others will approach the girl’s front door. Make sure he doesnt escape.

lt is well understood, the upper village boys chorused in response.

From his watch out post, Diligent saw the army of the upper village boys approaching the girl’s bedroom, armed to the teeth. For fear of attracting attention to himself, he didn’t blow the signal whistle, and simply fled. Upon reaching home, Diligent got into his blankets and slept.

From inside the girl’s bedroom, Decadent heard the knock on the girl’s door and moved swiftly. He dressed up and moved the window curtain  slightly to the side and peeped outside. There was no one there. He opened the window and heaved himself to the window’s ledge.

 Someone appeared from besides the window and struck him in the face with a knobkerrie. Decadent fell back into the girl’s bedroom. The girl screamed in fright.

Decadent knew then that  he was trapped.

He knew he had two choices. Either fight his way out or be pounded to pulp. He chose to fight.

lt was a grave mistake.

He unlocked and opened the girl’s door and walked out. He said calmly:

 “what can l do for you


And they came at him, all eight strong of them, and attacked.

Violence was not new to Decadent. He had faced danger many times in his lifetime. He had taught himself to fight. But not for this kind of fight.

He ducked, he kicked, he lashed out with his clenched fists, but a sickening blow hit him accross the right eye, and he careened backwards and banged the back of his head against the wall. Stars flickered inside his head, and there was total darkness.

He shook his head  and there was momentary light. He saw the girl dashing out of her bedroom with her night gown wide open in front, firm breasts pointing straight ahead as she sprinted away, and out of the yard.

Decadent leapt and thrust the heel of his right foot into the chest of the man in front of him, and the man fell backwards. He raced through the gap left by the fallen man and ran blindly towards the perimeter fence, with the thud of chasing feet close behind him.

  “catch him, catch him”

There is nothing as frightening as running blind, without seeing where you are going, whilst being pursued by your mortal enemies.

Decadent collided head first with the corner post which had been deserted by Diligent earlier that night. He fell backwards and the upper village boys pounced on him and hit him repeatedly as he writhed and rolled on the ground.

Decadent put his hands protectively around his head and brought his knees to his chin, curling inwards like a hedgehog.

The blows bludgeoned his body.

That is enough, the leader of the upper village boys issued the order to stop the beating. Drag him to elder father’s home, he said.

So Decadent was dragged accross the village, bleeding profusely, blind among enemies, a fighter subdued, a warrior captured.

The girl had fled to elder father’s home. When the upper village army and their captive prisoner Decadent reached his homestead, elder father said;

  “You Decadent of the

   lower village go to your

   home. You have learnt

   your lesson. Now l 

   want to teach my 

   daughter not to be a

   slut. Give me that


As he staggered away, Decadent could hear the girl scream as elder father hit her with the same sjambok that had blinded his right eye.

Two boys from the lower village, Paul and Lawrence, were coming from a double date with girls from a village yonder. They saw Decadent swaying and staggering and stumbling like a drunken man. He was going in the wrong direction. He could barely talk. They carried him home.

And for several weeks thereafter Decadent was hospitalised. He missed school and the prize giving day where he was supposed to win a prize in one of the subjects he was taking.

The Doctors saved him, but they could not save his right eye.

An eye surgeon told him that the eye suffered a traumatic cataract as a result of the blow, together with a scar on the retina.He could remove the cataract, but not the scar on the retina.

After the surgery, partial sight was restored to Decadent’s right eye, but the eye itself is skewed and looks like that of a chameleon.

That is how Decadent got a crooked eye.

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