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How is life Businessman waters room to keep his wealth flowing


How is life Businessman waters room to keep his wealth flowing


How are you avid readers? HOTH hopes you enjoyed your Easter holidays and the wet weather the town has been experiencing the entire week. HOTH has been the most affected as he was constantly hanging his threadbare blankets on the clothesline to dry. Mega munoaziya masystem ekumaGumtree.

 Anyways, it seems the sun has managed to force its way out of the pregnant clouds and burst out to flaunt its rays as if to announce its conquest to the whole nation that has been draped in any piece of cotton cloth, heavy coats and clothes to parry away the freezing cold. We are temporarily back to our sunny weather. Yah sure; temporarily because winter is just the corner.

HOTH will remain resolute in giving you the sizzling hot and finger-licking good tittle-tattle happening in and around our The province and even beyond. Like Charlie Chaplin the best comedian of all time HOTH will remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others. That places HOTH on a far higher plane than any politician, businessman, and celebrity.

To continue churning out good gossip stories is like riding a bicycle; to keep his balance, HOTH has to religiously clutch on his sources like a biker’s bull bar, adjust his listening devices and keep writing. I have to explain because some of you were perpetually asking where HOTH is digging his stories.

I might spend most of my time in the eucalyptus woods but sometimes visits nearest settlements of growth points. Last week he found himself in that fabled place where love is always in the air. Obviously, it was after the Legends Solo naMutsai. This week I decided to return to the same place.

By the way, I am told Enjoy is not moved by the pleas from our unfortunate guy’s parents. Hanzi varikutojamba havo ngoma vari pavo paGona apo naiyo pfuma yekupamba iya. But like I always caution others. I like to warn Enjoy that Karma know everyone’s address yours kugona ikoko. Don’t be fooled to think that addresses are only numbers and streets. Chero ikweyo kuGona itorikowo address.

I am not sure of the psychological trauma that our epileptic friend is currently trying to pull through, but I am sure it’s the worst that one can imagine. Ko kungoita sana mai Titi zvakaipeyi? Kungobata a foreigner, drag the unwilling non-national to our proverbial Mudzviti, lie to him under Oath, before reverting to the bitching default settings hako.

Koi ye akambouya nechigame chekuti vanhu vanounga kuzopemberera and legalising the two love birds’ sexual escapades ndiani iyeye? Mwari ave naye because vana vevanhu vaona moto especially the male specie that is always on the receiving end like my brother encountered.

Well; we are back again in the same hood, but this time it’s about those  trying to amass a lot of wealth in a short space of time. Guys, this is the worst thing one can do. You will never sleep well as your deeds haunt your perennially.

Ko hanzi there is a new kid on the block who is into Kombis and popping up maputis. Hanzi Boss Chivas or Boss Chiwas hameno ikoko. HOTH was only told that the guy has a room yaanodira mvura every hour kuti igare yakanyorova. I am told ndidzo mhiko dzavakapihwa kwavakatora mutombo wavo. Hey, so musi unoenda mvura zvadhakwa here vakomana? I am yet to get more details about the businessman, but I promise you next week I will be back to tell you more about boss Chiwas. Until we me meet again next week. Adios! masvingomirror.com

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