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Horror hyena attack: family speaks from hospital 


Horror hyena attack: family speaks from hospital 




ZAKA – The life of the Maroi couple of Zaka was turned upside down in one stroke. From a family that fended for itself to one that now survives on well-wishers.

The attack on family members by a cackle of hyenas on the night of July 18, 2022, saw Muchanyara Munodya losing both hands and her husband losing all fingers except two left middle fingers. Without hands, they can no longer work for themselves and their children.

They are desperate and appealing to well-wishers for assistance. Munodya and Robert Maroi are currently admitted at Masvingo Provincial Hospital. Well-wishers and churches can visit them in the female and male wards.

The Mirror visited the couple at the hospital, and Maroi could not speak.

The story is gorier for Munodya. The tragedy befell her just 18 days after she gave birth to her son Jayden Maroi. Now she can’t feed the baby on her own or feed herself.

What agonizes Munodya is that she is separated from the baby as the toddler is now being kept by relatives staying in Hillside Masvingo as she remains admitted at the hospital.

“I hear that my child is crying every time. I am shattered that I have become hapless. Even to drink water, someone has to assist me. I can’t even look after my newborn baby. Only yesterday it was a different story,” said Munodya.

She appealed to well-wishers for artificial hands.

“We have five children, and among them is a set of twins. Four of them are going to school, and they need fees. One is studying at Masvingo Poly. We depend on piece jobs to look after our children, and suddenly their world has collapsed on them. We are appealing to well-wishers to help in whatever way they can to alleviate our situation and that of the children,” said Munodya.

She said the hyenas pitched up at Mapfumo Village in Ward 32 under Chief Bota where they stay at around 10 pm.

Her husband woke up after hearing some noise outside. He said his wife had always warned him against confronting these hyenas because they suspected that they were connected to witchcraft.

“After a while, I heard someone screaming outside, and I realized that Maroi was not in bed. I rushed out, and that is when I got attacked by one of the hyenas. The hyenas were not just attacking us but were mauling away chunks of flesh from our bodies and feeding on us alive. I lost both hands.

“My father-in-law heard the noise and rushed to the scene, and he was also attacked and injured.

For more details and well-wishers intending to help, please contact The Mirror Helpline at 0775691380.

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