Home Affairs Ministry to adopt ICT to curb corruption, bureaucracy

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MASVINGO -The Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage is set to adopt an integrated Information Communication Technology (ICT) to help curb corruption and bureaucracy as well as improving efficiency and productivity.

Speaking at the official opening of the Ministry’s Strategic Performance and Planning workshop for 2023 at Clevers Lakeview Resort in Masvingo, Home Affairs Minister, Kazembe Kazembe, said the ministry intends to adopt an ICT policy that ensures maximum security like the one used in countries like the United Arab Emirates. 

The strategic plan will be implemented among the ministry’s five departments that falls under it to solve corruption and bureaucracy scourge.The five departments include Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), Immigration Department, Civil Registry, National Museums, Archives and Monuments and Lotteries and Gaming. says the Integrated ICT policy will .

“Our ICT policy will remove the big man syndrome and bureaucracy that has seen residents having a tough time to access services, of late one had to knock a lot of offices to get attention and ended up being fleeced of money in the process. With technology it won’t be easy even to speak directly to higher officials,” said Kazembe.

He went on to say the department of Immigration will have an online border management system while the Civil Registry will have a system linked to hospitals that allows a new born baby to have access a birth certificate soon after birth. 

The minister further said the ZRP will have booths that would allow victims of crime to make reports without face to face interaction with police officers which will help improve privacy and confidentiality. According to the minister such systems will bring an end to the big man syndrome that has created corruption as people try to access services.

Kazembe told members gathered for the workshop that he was invited to the UAE where he saw that there is need for the country to emulate the middle East country’s ICT policy in order maximum security.

He added that if the country has  advanced online border management system linked to the police and crime investigation which it makes easy to track criminals  as the system will be able to access a person’s private information through facial recognition.

He acknowledged that the country is still lagging behind in terms of technology but promised that his ministry will put maximum efforts to catch up with other countries.

“We are still behind in terms of technology, however we are doing all that we can to ensure that we catch up with other countries, we are in this Ministry for a purpose and we are going to do our best to achieve big results with the minimum resources at our disposal,” said Kazembe.

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